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List of best parkour Minecraft servers

Recently I discovered Minecraft parkour. It’s a new way of playing the game just like how in real life parkour is about moving through the environment from point A to point B without slowing down, in Minecraft it’s a game mode that tests the players agility and ability to move fast and finish the course as fast as possible. It usually requires pretty good knowledge of the game and like any other platforming game it’s about timing and precision. There are plenty of servers that offer this game mode, but my favorites are :

  1. ManaCube
    ManaCube is basically your number 1 stop if you’re a Minecraft parkour player. It has over 1000 parkour courses and the vary in skill intensity from the most beginner friendly courses to ones that will have even seasoned veterans pulling their hairs out in frustration. Their maps are made mostly by players for players, so you know that fun is at the top of their priority list. They also have what they call Champion Maps , that are basically the hardest maps you will find.
  2. Renatus Network
    This server is perfect if you’re looking to start experiencing Minecraft parkour. It has many maps that allow beginners to get a grip of the games fundamentals and even have a course called Rocky, that’s basically a training camp for beginners. Their courses range from the Rocky, which is really just the easiest of easy to some of the most challenging maps over all. It’s a great server to practice on before taking on some tournament courses.
  3. Jumpcraft
    Jumpcraft is another great collection of parkour maps. It features a bit less than Manacube, however they still boast a little shy of 400 maps and will take you quite a few hours to complete them all. This server is also fun since it offers interesting rewards for map clears. Once you finish a map you’re rewarded with a ingame money that you can use to unlock further maps.
  4. Snapcraft
    This server is unique in that it has a more limited selection of maps, however it’s known to be an excellent place for speedrunners, who hone their movements to perfection and post records on specific courses. Once you’ve got your feet wet in this game mode, this server just might be ideal for you if you’re a bit of a perfectionist.

These are some of my favorite Minecraft parkour servers. If you wanna try out Minecraft parkour I’d like to direct to you my favorite Minecraft server list and you will surely find a server that’s right, whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned veteran of the game.

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Newest Minecraft servers

New Minecraft servers are created every day, but not all new Minecraft servers are actually running latest version of Minecraft, which would be 1.16. There’s a plugin for Minecraft servers that allows one server to support multiple versions of the game, it’s called ViaVersion. It’s now possible to setup Minecraft server that supports whole range of clients from version 1.7 to current latest version 1.16.1.

How can you tell if Minecraft server is actually using newest version of Minecraft? In some cases that’s not easy, first step would be to actually check if you can even join the server using latest version of Minecraft. After that you gotta find out if they’re using latest Minecraft or just ViaVersion. This can be done by joining the server and looking around, you should look for items that are only available in your version of Minecraft. For example if you join the server and you can find and use Netherite then that pretty much guarantee’s the fact that that server is actually using Minecraft 1.16.

Beware some servers can render and sent all kinds of items to the player or client, so if you can’t actually use newest items, like mine them or put them in your inventory, then the server is likely using older version combined with ViaVersion plugin. To find newest Minecraft servers check out minecraft server list, just be sure to also check server version.