How to find and use Copper in Minecraft

17th Jan, 2023

How to find and use Copper in Minecraft

For a Spyglass, you might need some Minecraft Amethyst Shards to match your copper

Copper Ore is required to make Minecraft Copper Ingots. Copper Ore is spawned in the form a Copper vein. This means that you will often find many Copper ore blocks clustered together. You should bring a Stone Pickaxe, or a better quality pickaxe, because Copper Ore mined using a pickaxe or another item won't drop any.

Copper Ore spawns at Y-level 0 through 96, with a higher chance of spawning in the middle layers (Y48). It is best to search a little below the sea level (Y63). If the Copper ore spawns between layers J0 and J16, it will be called Deepslate Copper Ore. This Copper Ore has a higher hardness than normal Copper Ore, and it takes longer to mine. It's rare and expensive so it's best to stick with the regular Copper Ore type. Copper ore can also be found in large veins in Dripstone cave biomes.

How to get copper ingots in Minecraft

Mining Copper Ore won't give you Raw Copper. To make Minecraft Copper Ingots, you will need to smelt the raw material. This is a simple step that most Minecraft players are familiar with. Simply put the Raw Copper in an oven and add some fuel (wood or diesel). Wait until your Copper Ingots have been made. Now you can begin crafting!

How to use copper in Minecraft

Now that you have your Copper Ingots, it is time to begin crafting. These items can be made with Copper Ingots:

Copper block. To create a smooth, solid copper brick, use nine Copper Ingots. To create a Lightning Rod, place three Copper Ingots on top. Check out our separate guide to Minecraft lightning rods.
Spyglass. To make a Spyglass, place one Amethyst Shard over two Copper Ingots.

How to wax Copper in Minecraft

Minecraft copper's color changes due to oxidation, just like real life. The above image shows the various stages of Copper oxidation in Minecraft. You can wax your copper if you don't wish it to change. This will preserve its current color and not reset it. Simply attach a honeycomb to the copper block.

Alternativly, you can scrape the Copper block with an axe. This will reduce the level of oxidation by 1 (weathered copper would then become exposed copper). A lightning strike, although you can't plan it, will completely remove any oxidation.