Minecraft: 25 Things to Do if You’re Bored

31st Dec, 2022

Minecraft: 25 Things to Do if You’re Bored

It opens up new possibilities for a sequel, now that Mojang, Minecraft's developer, is a subsidiary to Microsoft. While the idea has been entertained, it seems that Microsoft does not intend to make the game into an entire series. Instead, spin-offs like Minecraft: Story Mode or Minecraft Dungeons have taken up the Redstone torch. There are plenty of things to do while playing, however.

Minecraft is one the most popular games ever. Beyond building and mining, there are dangerous places like the Nether World and the End. Survival is a survival game where players must survive starvation and mobs. If you're tired of playing Minecraft and are looking for something to do, there are plenty of amusing things that will entertain you.

25 How to Make Netherite Gear from Ancient Debris

The grind for good gear is one of the most difficult in Minecraft. It's also very rewarding. If players are feeling bored and have not yet acquired all of their Netherite gear, it's time to head to The Nether to search for Ancient Debris.

Players will first need to purchase diamond gear and then upgrade their existing diamond set to a Netherite one. Netherite ingots require gold ingots. Players should keep an eye out for gold while in the Nether.

24 Build a Home in a Different Dimension

If players get tired of living in the same area and want to build something new, why not take on the challenge of living in another dimension? They have the option to build a house in The Nether or travel to the End dimension.

Although you can build in these dimensions and survive and thrive in them, it is important to not sleep in a bed in either the End or the Nether. This will cause a massive explosion that could destroy everything around.

23 Mini-Game Servers to Play

Minecraft is a vibrant and diverse community. You don't have to play the game by yourself. There are always others to play with, and the best way to make new friends is to join a large multiplayer server like Hypixel.

Hypixel can also be used as a hub for mini-games or larger game modes, such as bed wars. Players can hop on the server to navigate the hub until finding something that interests them.

22 Search for Ancient Cities and The Warden

The Warden was finally released to Minecraft's large audience with the 1.19 update. It's a challenge to deal with such a powerful mob. Players have to deal with him again if they've defeated any other boss mobs in the game.

The update also included ancient cities and deep dark biomes. These structures can be quite challenging to find, so players should bring their best gear and plenty of wool to keep stealthy.

21 Challenge Friends To Minecraft PVP

The PVP aspect of Minecraft is a popular feature that gets a lot of love. There are usually dedicated servers that allow players to engage in PVP, with their own rules and even a different meta. This is a particular characteristic of Anarchy servers.

Players don't have to be a hardcore player when they start. They can challenge their friends to a couple of duels, with restrictions and rules about what armor, enchantments and consumables they are allowed to use.

20 Find Axolotls

In the 1.17 update, Axolotls were first added to Minecraft. They could spawn almost anywhere in dark water. The 1.18 update has made it so that axolotls can only spawn in lush cave biomes and not in water. They can be found in several colors, eat tropical fish and can be used to help players fight Guardians and Elder Guardians.

A bucket of tropical fish is required to breed axolotls. Players will need to travel a lot to find lush caves, as they are very rare in the cave biome.

19 Hunt for Rare Items

Minecraft is so much more fun and easier to play with rare and powerful items. These items are not easy to find. The Elytra is one such item. It requires that the player defeat the Ender Dragon, search the End Islands for an End City, and then build a ship. Elytras allow players to fly using fireworks.

The Totem of Undying is another rare item that can be obtained from Evokers. You can defeat them by either starting a raid in a village or entering a Woodland Mansion. The latter is more difficult to find but offers greater adventure and challenge. When the player holds a totem, it will save them from certain death. It can also be consumed at every possible death.

18 Build Underwater, in a Cave, or Mountain

Most players want to build their Minecraft homes on lush, green biomes that have tons of resources. If that seems too easy or boring, players can build a house in an underwater cave, on a mountain biome, or anywhere else in the 1.18 update.

It can be difficult to build underwater structures, especially if you don't have the right water-breathing tools or conduits. The sacrifices are worth it. If lit properly, lush caves and dripstone caves make for great Minecraft homes.

17 Take on the Challenge

Over the years, Minecraft players have created many great challenges to make the game more fun. Skyblock is the most well-known. It allows players to start on a small area of land suspended in air. Next to it, they will find a chest with basic information. It's up to the players to survive and thrive from there.

The One-Chunk survival challenge is a popular trend that has emerged in recent years. This challenge requires players to complete the entire game within their spawn area. Players should also consider speedrunning Minecraft as there is a large speedrunning community with tons of different strategies.

16 Complete Achievements

The most important milestones that players can reach on their Minecraft journey are the Achievements or Advancements. There are many crazy achievements that players can try to achieve, such as the full set of Netherite armour mentioned earlier or finally using up the diamond hoe until it is too late.

These advancements are numerous, so it may take a while for a single player to complete them all. There are many activities available for players.

15 Get Out and Go Exploring

Although many people enjoy the building and mining aspect of Minecraft, it is often more enjoyable to play the game as a survival adventure. You should be prepared with solid equipment and survival gear, and then venture outward to discover dungeons and caves, mineshafts and desert temples.

It can be exciting to go on a long hike to explore or to kill baddies, especially in the darkest hours of the night. It's a great way to increase the excitement and test your resolve. This world is constantly expanding and you can find many new landmasses. To avoid getting lost, bring a compass and/or a towering beacon.

14 Build a Highway

Although it may seem tedious, building a long highway can be both a way to keep one busy and a way to explore the world. You can use cobblestone as your foundation, since there is plenty of it in Minecraft. This can serve as a focal point for a while and act as a navigation tool. For faster navigation, railroads can be built on the surface.

A highway that is tall enough can double as a wall in order to keep unwanted foes away and prevent them from entering a town or safe zone.

13 Farms

Although this part of the game doesn't have as much detail as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, it is still a vital part of the sandbox. You can plant seeds in the sands and dirt. With just a few simple steps, one can create a farm to harvest a bounty.

First, create a fenced-in area of approximately 20-40 blocks. Next, dig several rows that will serve as water canals. Once these have been filled with water, you can use a hoe or a shovel to till the dirt. You can also hold seeds by right-clicking on the tilled area. This can be accelerated by using bone meal. You can harvest the crops by left-clicking the hoe and then collect the bounty. You can grow crops such as wheat, melons and pumpkins, as well as carrots.

12 How to Build a Cobblestone Generator

Although cobblestone can be found easily when mining or exploring the vast Minecraft caves, it is sometimes handy to have a supply on hand. A cobblestone generator is possible with just a few simple steps. The water is constantly in contact with the flowinglava, creating a block of cobblestone. This principle can also be used to generate obsidian.

This guide provides more information about the steps required to create this simple cobblestone contraption.

11 New Features to Try

The 1.18 update adds a lot of new world generation changes that can make the game feel completely new. Players who didn't like the 1.17 update in summer 2021 should make a spyglass to find amethyst geodes.

You can also make candles that can be used as decorations or lights up caves. If you don't mind bugs, you can play on the latest snapshot to get the most recent features instantly.

10 Ways to Slay the Ender Dragon

The End is where players will meet Minecraft's most powerful foe. The Ender Dragon, a mythological creature, is the final boss of Minecraft. The Ender Dragon can spit fireballs and fly swiftly across the area. Even in Peaceful mode the Ender Dragon can cause serious damage.

It's not easy to reach this boss. Players must do more than just build a Nether Portal. Because it doesn't have a night and day cycle, the End is similar to that of the Nether World. It is recommended that you have diamond armor, a sword made of diamond, tons potions, and golden apple before you face the Ender Dragon.

9 Build a Roller Coaster

Minecraft's mining feature, which is its main feature, also includes mine carts. Although it is a very basic feature of the game, many players overlook it. If you add some imagination, the minecarts or rails can become a roller coaster ride.

It's a monorail, but with Redstone tracks and incredible speeds. You can customize Minecraft roller coasters by choosing a theme and color to create a unique experience.

8 Mine For Diamonds

Although it is possible to find diamonds below level 16, they are more common in layers 5-12. Diamonds are the most durable material for an armor or sword, and they are also the most efficient to mine with a pickaxe.

Diamond gear is essential, especially if you plan to go mob hunting on the Nether World. Finding a diamond can be as thrilling as catching a fish from a small lake. Only if players swim in lava lakes, they'll roast.

7 Latest Mods to Try

There are many ways to expand your horizons if you get bored of Minecraft. There are many mods that can be used to enhance Minecraft's experience.

LOTSOMOBS takes away the long hours spent looking for chickens and squid all around. The introduction of 25 mobs makes biomes more real. Minecraft feels brand new thanks to at least fifteen mods.

6 Play with Friends

If you are feeling bored, it is a good idea to play Minecraft with your friends. Playing with friends allows you to collaborate and create the most intricate designs. A friend can be a great help, especially in Survival mode.

Are you tired of playing Minecraft and creating the same house designs every time? You can find a fellow villager who has a wild imagination to take your designs to the next level.